Rugby Lions Defeat Leicester Rivals

The Rugby Lions U9’s squad visited their Leicester rivals on Sunday 23rd, on one of the wettest days of the year to produce the win of the season, so far…

The inclement weather meant a game of three halves, at ten minutes each.

The heavy rain meant the ground was heavy going, but this didn’t stop the boys from producing some of their best Rugby of the season, with a succession of try’s that didn’t allow the Leicester Lions a look in.

From the off the Lions, captained by Richard Phipps, went on the offensive, with the first try of the game being scored in the opening minutes. The boys ensured the ball remained in the Leicester half, some magical passing and fine use of the wing combined with an impenetrable defence gave the Lions the upper hand, and they used it to their advantage.

With early try’s from Alfie Johnson, Richard Phipps, Alfie Leighton-Lambert, Ruben Mitchell and Shakeel Callan, the Lions won their first ‘half’ 0-6.

The second ‘half’ saw a performance of equal brilliance, again fine use of the gaps in the Leicester defence provided Shakeel Callan the perfect opportunity to grab a further two tries, with Ruben Mitchell, Alfie Johnson and Alfie Leighton-Lambert also touching down. Another superb defensive performance by Blakeley Dixon-Ball saw the Leicester team lose their heads to the detriment of Master Dixon-Ball, who briefly came off, only to return to help the Lions to their second win. Second half Leicester Lions 1 – Rugby Lions 6.

The third half saw the rain abate, as the Rugby Lions stepped up for their third and final ‘half’. Keiran Jarvis came into play as the Leicester Lions started to fight for their points, the youngster taking down player after player. Hannah McGuire and Daniel Skipp provided some much needed mid field support as a push from the Leicester Lions saw us concede two tries in quick succession, but a push back again saw the Lions push through the opposition defence culminating in an additional five tries from Shakeel Callan, Ruben Mitchell, Alfie Johnson, Alfie Leighton-Lambert  and Richard Phipps. If it weren’t for the teams excellent defending, the score could have been a lot different, they all dug in and held them off our try line. Third half Leicester Lions 2 – Rugby Lions 5.

Hat tricks: Shakeel Callan, Alfie Johnson, Ruben Mitchell
Fab Four: Alfie Leighton-Lambert, Richard Phipps

MOTM: Richard Phipps
Tackler of Steel: Ruben Mitchell
MOTM Player of the Match: Blakely Dixon-Ball

Pictured are Sunday’s Rugby Lions U9’s:
(From left to right, top): Kieran Jarvis, Alfie Leighton-Lambert, Hannah McGuire, Shakeel Callan
(From left to right, bottom): Ruben Mitchell, Alfie Johnson, Richard Phipps, Blakely Dixon-Ball, Daniel Skip

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