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Rugby Lions Mini & Juniors



Opposite to usual


Our U10s are a consistent bunch, we usually start so slowly and find our way into the game, this week we started fast and took the early lead in both games.,

It must of been coach matt's promise of free hot chocolate all round. Which by the way I didn't see him purchase!

Game 1 v Long Buckby

What a start after a longer than usual warm up lions went flying into battle winning collisions, turning over ball and almost scoring at will. We took a very early 3-0 lead against a very well organised and nimble Long Buckby team. It really was a simple as hard straight running, keeping the ball moving and moving the ball from touchline to touchline that gave us this early lead. A team as good as Long Buckby were always going to come back strong and started to find gaps out wide coming back to a 4-3 lead at half time.

At half time we talked about staying strong, reorganising our selves in defence and making first up tackles.

Second half Long Buckby carried on where they left off scoring two more tries, However the lions marshalled excellently by Captain Leon got themselves back in the game with some hard direct running, sucking in defenders, keeping the ball alive and scoring a couple of excellent well taken tries.

Overall a great game and Long Buckby were a great and fair team and id love to return the fixture at their beautiful station road ground at some point in the future.

Game 2 v Nuneaton Old Eds

Old Eds are becoming a regular fixture in our calendar and they have a good and well organised team. It really was a tough old game with first up tackles being the difference between the 2 teams. We attacked though like our lives depended on it. Our rucking and mauling are becoming real strong points of our game and its rare we lose a ruck and our dedication to supporting each other is uncoachable, that is purely the hallmark of a team that doesn't want to let other team members down. We moved the ball around keeping it away from contact and trying to create space. We scored some marvellous tries in this game and the team never gave up. Rugby is a tough old sport, some days it flows and everything goes your way, sometimes it doesn't. Whilst tackling wasn't our strong point in this game we did so much right, rucking, mauling, positioning from set piece, communication and teamwork. I promise you all now one day it will all come together and the opposition will be on the end of an absolute whooping. Its just fine margins. Myself, Matt and Andy will keep encouraging you all to be the best you can be.

Thank you all for the fantastic support you continue to offer these kids. It was literally deafening.


Captain - Leon

Star Player - Duncan

Lionheart - Christakis


Karl Lawson

U10s Coach


Rugby Lions Mini & Juniors



First game against Long Buckby, Lions were captained by George. Both teams showed really good defence skills to the point that they could only be separated by 1 try.

Our second game against Long Buckby saw Teodore lead the lions and although he's not the loudest of players he lead the way scoring at least three tries in this end to end game with both teams scoring well worked tries.

Third game saw Logan as Captain against Nuneaton. Logan showcased his leadership skills but being very vocal in both attack and defence. Both teams scored some great tries.

Although Jasper didn't have chance to be a captain throughout all the games he showed great speed in both recovering the ball and making ground. I'm pretty sure he scored a try in two of the games.

Overall as a coach I couldn't ask for a better group of kids to coach each week.

Mark Docherty

U7&8s Coach

Ps the u6's will be there next week so we'll be even louder than normal

Rugby Lions Mini & Juniors

Rugby Lions u10s v Harbury U10s

It was fantastic today to see Rugby Lions get back to playing this Sunday after the Christmas break and blow out the cobwebs, Christmas puddings and mince pies! Last week in training we purely focused on fitness, to be honest we beasted them and it paid dividends this week. Whilst the first game wasn't the fairy tale ending after all the hard work we have put in, what shone through in spades was our fitness; we ran non stop, we never gave up, we chased everything and hunted in a pack. All we lacked was match practice due to not playing for so long. But I was so proud of the boys for their fighting spirit and true lion hearts. A couple were down and upset after the first game but their response was exceptional and they rose to the challenge and came back fighting.

A little history for you, last season we played Harbury we lost 16 tries to 0 in U9s. Today in the first game we lost 7 tries to 1. That is huge progress. and I'm so proud of that. The boys are simply excellent they never gave up and in the second half of the first game, they put some excellent phases together, showed some excellent interplay and finally got their reward with the final try of game one.

Game 2 - I'm 35 and quite a big bloke but I wouldn't have wanted to play THAT Harbury team they were massive, they looked like they ate half a cow and lifted hay bales for breakfast over to you kids, good luck!

But we were exceptional committed 2 to a tackle constantly held them up to prevent them driving their powerful and effective maul, we used the touchline as a defender and shoved them out. In attack if they tried to tackle us we just ran hard and straight like Alfie, Duncan and Christaki did and when they got tackled they were quick to offload to the waiting support and huge overlaps putting people away for tries like Oliver, Owen and Victor. Shay was there with the quick offloads from the breakdown, Liam and Leon were out wide being a nuisance and knocking people backwards. When we couldn't run straight because defenders were in the way we just put them on our backs and run don't we Oliver! Overall an exceptional team performance wear they all worked to put the last man away for a try. The beneficiaries of todays tries were Victor (2) Owen (1) Duncan (2) Alfie (2) and Oliver (1) second game won 7-5 as one of Duncan's tries was in the first game. Overall Rugby Lions 1 - 1 Harbury. Well done all players and thank you to all the parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents for the amazing support these kids fully deserve.

Captain of the day - Shay

True Lionheart - Owen

Star Player - Oliver

Karl Lawson

U10s Head Coach

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