NOTICE OF MEETING 7.30 pm Wednesday 18TH AUGUST 2021, The Clubhouse, Webb Ellis Road, Rugby

All members and other interested parties are invited to The Clubhouse at Webb Ellis Road Rugby at the above time to discuss the opening of a new era for the Rugby Football Club.
The current owner David Owen will shortly be standing down and will participate in a transfer of control of the Club to either a new owner or the existing members should there be interest to form a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASK) which would be run and operated by the members on traditional club lines.
Mr Owen will be unable to attend the meeting in person but will be represented and the meeting will be conducted on his behalf. All proposals as the future running of the club will be considered and it is hoped that a way forward or a choice of ways forward will be identified and supported for future consideration. The WRFU have been made aware of Mr Owen’s position and consultation will take place with them and the Rugby Council as owners of the headlease to the ground.
Mr Owen is mindful that the new season is approaching quickly and will positively participate in the process to change leadership within the Club for the best interests of those concerned and the interests of the Club itself.
All are welcome and all positive proposals will be considered.
D.Hutchinson, Hon Secretary.  

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